A very successful businessman was interviewed on television recently and when asked his secret to success in business, his answer was quick and direct. It wasn’t his Ivy League education or his keen intellect that was the secret to success – he said he was simply good at one thing.


His customers told him everything he needed to know to be successful. They told him the products they needed to succeed and he built them.

Listening is something we believe in here at Qualtrics. So a few months ago when one of our clients said it took them two months to get help from the IT department to change some website content, we thought we heard an opportunity.

And today we’re launching Qualtrics Site Intercept to help every marketer get better performance from their websites through custom content and interactions.

With Site Intercept, marketers can add tools and capabilities to their websites without ever even talking to IT. Starting today, here are just some of the things marketers can do on the fly without ever typing a line of code:

  • Serve custom messages and invitations to targeted website visitors
  • Direct visitors to promotions, coupons, videos, surveys and more – and tailor it based on their geo-location, visit history, shopping cart content, time of day or other customizable conditions
  • Collect valuable information and analytics
  • Increase social media engagement
  • Collect and generate new leads
  • Display custom HTML

The best part? By listening to what our customers want, we help them listen better to what their customers want. Our early Site Intercept customers tell us that that they’ve been able to increase everything from downloads to participation in promotions to Facebook likes. And we’re just getting started.

The Site Intercept product is now available to everyone – but the listening never stops. We’re going to keep an ear to the ground because we know that’s where we’ll find our next great opportunity.