Independent Capterra users select Qualtrics as the top survey solution in a competitive field


Capterra has awarded Qualtrics its “Value for the Money” badge for delivering affordable high-end survey solutions.

Capterra, the world’s leading digital software marketplace, awarded the badge to Qualtrics based on product reviews from independent Capterra users. Qualtrics was selected as a top value from a pool of several hundred survey products.

Selected user review quotes:

  • “The simplicity to make a good survey, a great graphic interface, the easy process of downloading reports and the customer support are just mind-blowing.”
  • “Qualtrics is the best market research tool so far and the best decision our team made after reviewing over half a dozen vendors”
  • “Qualtrics helped us provide better visualization for our data”

With Qualtrics online survey software, it’s a breeze to capture, analyze and act on insights. Our popular online survey collaboration features make it easy for you to build and share a survey. You are in control. Point and click your way to higher caliber, branded online surveys that will impress you, your boss, and your audience.

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