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Experience Management

Stories from the world’s most beloved brands, only
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Today, experiences matter more than ever. As people are increasingly selective about the companies they buy from and work for, every organization in the world is going through an experience transformation. 

Across the globe, creators, changemakers and business leaders are using experience management to rethink what they do and challenge the status quo, one experience at a time. 

Right now, experience management is mission critical. The companies that can build lasting relationships with their customers and employees will be the ones that win in challenging times. 

They will be the ones where customers choose to spend their money, and employees choose to spend their time and energy.

And we hear their stories at Qualtrics every day.

Brands like Costco, Fenty, Patagonia, Taco Bell, and so many others, have set the tone, raising the bar on experience whether by disrupting their markets with new solutions or putting a spin on traditional ways to engage. 

Instead of assuming what customers and employees want, they’re truly listening to them, understanding exactly what they need, and then acting on it at scale to deliver unique, personalized experiences. 

Transforming the human experience

At Qualtrics, our mission is to empower organizations to improve the human experience. From transforming the way they engage with customers, to enabling teams, managers, and employees to build incredible cultures. That’s what experience management is all about.

Now, we’re bringing the stories of the world’s greatest experience designers to you in the most authentic, and inspiring way — on XM+.

It’s a content community for leaders at all levels of every organization who believe that experience wins. XM+ features deeply relevant, inspiring video content that showcases how organizations are not just utilizing experience management, but how the changes they’re driving are contributing to a better world.

Introducing: Irreverent 

Available right now is our first series: Irreverent. It features changemakers such as Costco, Fenty, Taco Bell, and Impossible, as we delve into the lived experiences of superfans and hear from experts on how these brands create remarkable experiences that drive business growth.

The first two episodes of Irreverent are available for you to watch right now, featuring two companies making experience part of their company DNA: Costco and Fenty.

Costco: The club that keeps on growing

In this episode, explore how Costco has built an experience around membership and a carefully curated selection of high-quality, high-volume products to cultivate a sense of belonging that other retailers strive to achieve.

Watch the Costco episode now.

FENTY: Redefining beauty standards

How do you redefine beauty standards to take a more inclusive approach? Create a palette as beautifully diverse as the human race. By creating product lines for people of all skin tones, and creating a more empathetic brand that urges people to pursue their unique definition of beauty, discover how FENTY is taking a bold stand in the beauty category, and winning.

Watch the FENTY episode now.

Catch up with content from X4

As well as these first two episodes of Irreverent, XM+ is where you’ll find all our content from X4 — the experience management summit. Hear from icons such as Reese Witherspoon, Jo Malone and Chip & Joanna Gaines, as they talk about how you can transform experiences, alter impressions, empower others, deliver stories and be more authentic.

Stay tuned for our workplace documentary

That’s not all. Later this year, XM+ will premiere a series of short documentaries looking at the business impact of the huge social change we’re going through. The first episode of Work.New: 0 takes a unique and fascinating look at how the pandemic altered not just the spaces we work in, but how we fundamentally view work today, and the expectations we now have of the companies we work for.

From how corporations are transforming experiences to put employees at the center of what they do, to the rise of remote working and what people value most, see how the world of work has and is transforming, one story at a time.

Get started with XM+

All of this content is free for you to view. You can watch it anywhere, anytime, and updates on the latest episodes are delivered straight to your inbox, so you never miss a beat.

To sign up for XM+ and other Qualtrics XM Originals, just use the link below. If you have already, stay tuned for more.

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Jack Davies // Head of Content, Global

Jack leads the content team at Qualtrics, managing a team of writers and editors who eat, sleep, and breathe Experience Management. He occasionally writes too. Before joining Qualtrics, he spent over 10 years working in advertising and journalism.

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