Sometimes even good leaders get it wrong, because they don’t understand the difference between a super star and a rock star.

Here’s How You Build Kick-Ass Teams

In the video above, Kim Scott, author of Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, and the Qualtrics Insight Summit’s highest-rated breakout speaker, teaches a master class on building great teams. The first step: Understand what the super stars want and what the rock stars want, and treat them accordingly.

Super Stars: These are the people who create change and opportunities. They’re on the fast track, and if they’re still in the same job in a few years, they’ll be bored (or gone).

Rock Stars: Don’t think of them as famous musicians. Think of them like the Rock of Gibraltar. These are the people who are great at their job and happy to keep doing it.

I had been making a giant mistake in the way I built teams for my entire career. I had been systematically undervaluing the contributions of people on my team. ~Kim Scott

Hungry for more? Pick up Radical Candor from Amazon. Too long; didn’t watch? Skip to these spots in the video for great leadership tips:

  • 3:05 – The difference between Super Stars and Rock Stars (watch for John Lennon in there)
  • 15:04 – Why you shouldn’t always put Super Stars on a manager track
  • 24:08 – Before you label someone a B Player, have you exhausted these interventions?
  • 33:44 – Don’t micromanage; be a Thought Partner instead

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