Topic: artificial intelligence

10 ways AI can make human resources more human

At first glance, AI and HR seem to be polar opposites. After all, how could a function that includes the word human in its name use technology that’s artificial? If you dig deeper, though, you see how AI could transform the HR profession into what most HR professionals wish it to be. One that focuses […]

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Are the bots coming for your research job?

Back to the Future II debuted 30 years ago with flying drones, fingerprint scanners, smart glasses, and video phones. Many thought that technology was far-fetched, but here we are in 2018 with phones that order our groceries and glasses that can give us the news. (We’re still waiting on Jaws 19 and that hoverboard.) Perhaps […]

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AI for Research and Brands: The Promise and the Responsibility

As useful as they are today, AI-enabled digital assistants are poised to bring even more advancements and convenience. Digital assistants will offer even easier access to vast knowledge than with the Internet alone. They will free up our time by handling tasks like scheduling, shopping, and communicating. They will help consumers provide feedback about their […]

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