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Topic: Artificial Intelligence

The 5 employee experience trends redefining work in 2024

37,000 employees. 32 countries. 28 industries. And 5 workplace-defining trends. Say hello to the 2024 employee experience trends. In 2024, the world of work is changing yet again — but rather tha...

By Antonio Pangallo

3 ways you can use AI to improve employee experiences

Here’s a short list of things you’ll never hear an effective manager say: I don’t really care about my team’s wellbeing. My people are here to work, not feel good about themselves. I'd...

By Lynly Schambers Lenox, Matthew Evans

Winning the war for talent starts with AI

As the global talent shortage becomes increasingly apparent, and organizations double-down on new strategies to attract the best of the best from an increasingly small pool, can artificial intelligenc...

By Aaron Carpenter

Who’s responsible: You or the machine? Everything you should consider about AI

From start-ups and large corporations to grocery stores, every single brand, business and outlet wants to get in on artificial intelligence. After all, those who fail to embrace it are destined to fal...

By Aaron Carpenter

Artificial Intelligence has already disrupted the contact center - it’s time to embrace it

Artificial intelligence is in its biggest technological advancement and contact centers are in a prime position to take advantage New technology has always come with its skeptics. After all, we’...

By Harry Gough

Meet XM/os2: Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered Experience Management

Today, we’re revealing one of the most exciting technology releases in our 20-year history — XM/os2. It brings together the power of Qualtrics AI and new generative AI capabilities with the world...

By Brad Anderson

Artificial Intelligence is already transforming Experience Management — here’s where it goes next

It seems you can’t go a day without seeing another headline (or maybe 5!) about how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will transform how we live, work, and interact with the companies around us. But what...

By Ellen Loeshelle, Nikhil Kamath

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