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Financial firms collect risky survey data they don’t need

Are your surveys sweeping up sensitive customer data? Nearly 20% of financial services companies have accidentally collected sensitive data like driver’s license number, phone number and personal health information in their surveys. But new Qualtrics research shows that only 22% of those companies say they regularly use that data. When financial services companies collect sensitive […]

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‘Why Qualtrics’ – JanPaul Bergeson – Engineer – Provo

What is your ‘why’? How does Qualtrics connect with your ‘why’? I first talked to a Qualtrics recruiter just over 3 years ago, at a career fair at my university. As a Computer Engineering student, I was eager to work on technically challenging projects, in a comfortable, focused setting, for a company doing something that […]

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Using Attention Checks in Your Surveys May Harm Data Quality

Thinking of checking up on respondent attention mid-survey to make sure that you’re getting good data? Think again. In this article, we highlight how new findings from our Qualtrics Methodology Lab are helping us to revisit and refine advice that is commonly given to survey researchers, namely the use of attention check questions to ensure […]

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