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Topic: digital experience

Omnichannel vs. multichannel customer experience

Today’s audiences are accustomed to engaging with brands on multiple channels. To stay relevant, businesses need to be able to successfully engage customers on various channels -  but what’s the ...

By Ray Gerber, Rosemin Anderson

Contact center digital transformation: Your guide for success

With customers looking for more personal and more comprehensive experiences than ever, your contact center is likely inundated with requests and information. We look at the technology and processes be...

By Harry Gough, Rosemin Anderson

Small tasks, big ambitions: How Airtasker designed a brand for global growth

Italian lessons? Chef for a birthday party? Kill a spider for you? Airtasker is known as THE platform to get anything done. At X4 on Tour Sydney, Angeline Lee (Vice President - Brand, Airtasker) revea...

By Qualtrics

Bank less, delight more: How Bankwest built an engine room for customer obsession

When a bank promises “less BS” - bank stuff, that is - you know that it’s got customers at the heart of the organisation. At the recent X4 on Tour Sydney event, Dr. Jarrad Dunning (Head of Marke...

By Qualtrics

X4 2023: Bring your frontline to the forefront

X4 2023 saw more than 10,000 XM leaders come together to experience 3 days of inspirational keynotes, more than 125 breakout sessions from the world’s biggest brands, and 18 new innovations launched...

By Qualtrics

Announced at X4: Innovations transforming customer experience

Acquiring, engaging and supporting your customers is the name of the game - so we’re making that easier than ever with our latest innovations – all powered by the Qualtrics XM Platform. We can...

By Qualtrics

How three leading organisations are building better business through human-centric CX

Consumer behaviours and needs are once again changing as people adapt their spending habits in response to rising costs and shifting priorities. In fact, our own research shows that in Australia consu...

By Qualtrics

Digital Interactions: Achieving the ideal human/digital balance for serving your customers

How individuals interact with your digital properties – your websites, mobile websites, mobile applications – is what we call digital experience. The most basic objective of any digital strateg...

By Walker

Original research: The state of digital experience in 2023

For the last three years, the focus for many companies has been on accelerating digital transformation. They had to —their very survival depended on it. Today, you see the impact of that, digital ex...

By Ronell Hugh

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