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6 Key Steps for Designing an Effective 360 Degree Feedback Program

HR experts know that traditional performance management can be controversial and a little tricky to incorporate in the workplace. In fact, many HR gurus believe that traditional performance management should be completely abandoned, while others struggle to find a flexible performance management system that actually drives desired behaviors. No matter which camp you fall into, […]

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Survey Templates to Ensure a Successful Employee Engagement Program

We all know that the most common response for collecting employee data and attacking issues like attrition, productivity and disengagement is, “Run an employee engagement survey!” But even as I type that sentence I can hear the audible groans from countless HR practitioners who’ve found that employee surveys can not only be expensive to run, they […]

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Happy Employees = Happy Customers

It’s logical, right? Happy employees equal happy customers. And the more engaged, informed and empowered frontline employees are to serve the customer efficiently and effectively, the better your company’s customer experience will be, right? To highlight this notion, we wanted to share the story of Tom Probola from Ricoh Americas Corporation. Tom was just named […]

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