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Why HR is the secret sauce for innovation

In the latest installment of our Employee Experience Visionaries series, we hear from Geoff Ho, PhD, Director of Organization Development Research at Rogers Communications about: How his team uses “experience” and “operational” data to tackle employee engagement, performance, & turnover How Rogers enables employees at every level to have their voices heard What Geoff believes […]

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The top employee engagement and human resources conferences for 2019

Human resources is no longer just hiring and firing. It’s evolved into the employee experience (EX) where departments create dynamic workforces, contribute to company profits, and rely heavily on data and people analytics. In order for human resources professional to stay relevant and understand the ever-changing industry, they must keep up with the latest trends. […]

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Is Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) a Good Measure of Engagement?

Employee NPS has become a popular measure for employee engagement — but how useful is it and is a single measure of engagement the best way to improve the employee experience? What is eNPS? Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) is a measure of how likely your staff members are to recommend your company as a […]

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