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5 Must Do’s for Courting the Millennial Customer

  If you think that you can market your product or service to a Millennial the same way that you have marketed it in the past, you are mistaken. Millennials have a very different set of requirements for evaluating potential purchases than their parents and grandparents.   If you’re tempted to overlook that fact, consider […]

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Internet Marketing Research and How Qualtrics is Changing the Game

Introduction Evolve Research has been in business since 2005 specializing in research design, implementation, analysis and marketing. This innovative firm helps companies make informed decisions based on facts, rather than assumptions. Kevin Jessop is the Director of Research for Evolve. In this interview, Kevin shares how he is using internet marketing research to get valuable […]

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Market Research: Safety Not Always in Numbers

Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” Although many market research experts would say that quantitative research is the safest bet when one has limited resources, it can be dangerous to assume that it is always the best option. QUANTITATIVE VS. QUALITATIVE: THE […]

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