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The top product management & research conferences to attend in 2019

Technology is rapidly changing the way we live and product leaders are at the forefront of this revolution. As the competition increases, products must be developed in record time and meet consumer needs. In order for product leaders to stay relevant and deliver world-class products, they must keep up with the latest trends. Product-focused conferences […]

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Product Failures: How Hive Mentality Could Sting You

Humans evolved into tribal creatures because our early ancestors had the unlucky traits of being both delicious and slow. Individually, humans were vulnerable to predators, but as a group, humans could not just protect themselves, they could project themselves. We used group dynamics to become the dominant species on the savannah – apex predators ourselves. […]

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9 Survey Mistakes That I’ve Made Throughout My Career

All market researchers have made mistakes, and in this next Qualtrics Master Session, we’ve brought in Michael Murakami Ph.D., part of Airbnb’s team of 60 experience management researchers. Airbnb has 4 million homes listed on its site in more than 191 countries. Needless to say, they run a lot of surveys. Murakami shares his top […]

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