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The Qualtrics University Recruiting Team is on Tour!

The Qualtrics University Recruiting team is hitting the road at the start of September, traveling from coast-to-coast for career fairs, coffee and networking sessions, and hackathons. You can find the complete list of dates and venues below. Visit with the team to explore potential careers, to learn more about the Experience Economy and how XM […]

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‘Why Qualtrics’ — Laura P., Product Specialist

Describe Qualtrics in 3 words: Never, ever boring. What is your ‘why’? Why do you do what you do… I do what I do because of my passion for helping other achieve their goals. I was a piano teacher for about 8 years before Qualtrics and there is no better feeling than seeing someone you’ve […]

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‘Why Qualtrics’ – Ellie S., Product Specialist, Quni

What is your ‘Why’? How does Qualtrics connect? I care deeply about people. My relationships are the most important part of my life. I want to have time to spend with my family and friends on the weekends and after work. I want to impact others in my day-to-day life –both my colleagues and our […]

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