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Topic: remote work

What’s keeping employees from going back to open offices

Businesses are bringing employees back to the office, and it’s clear that expectations have changed. While 67% of remote and hybrid workers plan on returning to the office this year, only 13% plan t...

By Qualtrics

Employees say work and family life have improved during the pandemic

Two years after COVID was declared a pandemic, nothing is quite the same. After all the ups and downs, U.S. employees say work and family are the areas of life that have changed the most for the bette...

By Qualtrics

What ‘flexibility’ means in the new world of work

Two years into the pandemic, employees are burnt out, and the majority (58%) say their job is the main source of their mental health challenges. The pandemic has brought increased flexibility to many ...

By Qualtrics

3 iconic brands on how they are building a new way to work

As employees start to return to workplaces after 18 months of working remotely, we have an unprecedented opportunity to create a new way to work that will improve on what went before and unlock multip...

By Steve Bennetts

How employee experience will shape the war for talent

Over the past 15 months, organizations have learned that remote work — and the flexibility that comes with it — has become a fundamental part of the employee experience. Flexibility is now one ...

By Future Forum, Qualtrics

Transforming the work experience at Qualtrics

"The pandemic is unpredictable and because of that we no longer have a target return date. We will evaluate the situation closely and be transparent with updates on what we are thinking, giving employ...

By Zig Serafin - CEO

Designing the future of work: 3 steps to improve the digital workspace experience

Organizations that design digital workspace experiences with employees at the forefront will outpace those who simply allow for remote or hybrid work. Here’s how your organization can get ahead. ...

By Qualtrics

The strategic role of IT in designing employee experiences

Never before has IT been so essential for businesses. It connects us with colleagues and customers, increases productivity and helps us deliver our best work. While most of us are in lockdown duri...

By Qualtrics

How to lead remote teams: Tips and tools for managers

Managers are looking for extra guidance during this unquestionably strange time. How can they best support their people, while still making sure that productivity and engagement stay high? Here’s so...

By Catherine Thurtle

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