Topic: research methodology

How to Ask Sensitive Survey Questions

Imagine you are responding to a survey and you’re asked about a sensitive topic, such as drug use, sexual behavior, racial attitudes, or your income. You might be reluctant to tell the truth and instead respond with what you think is a “socially acceptable” answer. This tendency is called “social desirability bias,” and if you’re not careful, it can bias your data, too.

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Be Cautious with Media-Rich Data Collection Techniques for Online Surveys

Emoji’s, thumbs, stars, or sliders are crowding into numbers, response boxes/bubbles, or verbal labels in online survey response options. There is a popular belief that using more media-rich survey response scales will reduce respondent burden and result in increased respondent engagement, higher participation rates, fewer drop-offs, faster survey completion, and higher data quality. While there […]

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Three Ways to Show Your Respondents That You Appreciate Them

What were you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Each year I remind myself to be thankful for my survey respondents, who donate their time and give me valuable data for relatively little in return.   A survey is a touch point between your organization and a group of people that you are interested in knowing more about. This […]

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