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Topic: survey methodology

Improve data quality by using a commitment request instead of attention checks

Attention checks are a common method researchers use to catch unmotivated respondents who may harm data quality by not reading questions carefully, speeding through surveys, skipping questions, answer...

By Emily Geisen

Introducing Audience Management, new DesignXM solution to manage and build your own research panels

When it comes to market research, we know that finding panelists and receiving accurate and fast feedback is a constant struggle. Market researchers need a way to gain high-quality insights in a more ...

By Kalyan Tummala

What you need to know about review gating

While the value of customer reviews for a business is well documented, the desire to feature only positive comments on review sites like Google, Yelp, and Tripadvisor is getting some businesses in ser...

By Alyssa Johnson

Rating vs. ranking: which question type is best for your data?

When it comes to surveys, how you ask each question can be just as important as what you ask. Here we look at two of the most popular question types, their pros and cons, and when to use them. Rating...

By Qualtrics

Survey ranking questions: Definition, examples and dos and don’ts

Boost your market research by using ranking questions correctly and find out what your customers love about your brand, service, or product. Ranking questions are an important asset in your survey ...

By Qualtrics

How to design rating scale questions

We show you how to design and use rating scale questions in your survey, so you can get easy-to-interpret qualitative feedback data back. Designing rating scale questions can be tricky to use, but ...

By Will Webster

How to reduce bias in research design with cognitive testing

Eliminating bias in study questions, especially when we are not aware of it, is challenging but essential. Why? Biased questions lead to inconsistent data, offensive questions, lower response rates an...

By Emily Geisen

7 Ways to pretest your survey before you send it

Time is money, and often researchers want to send out their surveys as quickly as possible. But rushing to distribute a survey can result in unforeseen problems with the data collection. Pretesting he...

By Sarah Fisher

Ethical issues to consider when conducting survey research

What are the ethical standards you should adhere to as a survey researcher? And which ethical questions should you look out for when you create and conduct your survey? Let’s explore. What do we me...

By Sarah Fisher

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