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How to make X-Data your competitive advantage

At X4 2019, we’ve heard from the pioneers making Experience Management (XM) breakthroughs that have seen them race to the top — brands like Under Armour, AMEX, Spotify and Nordstrom to name just a few. These brands have equipped their businesses with the tools they need to turn Experience Data (X-Data) into a competitive advantage. […]

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Measuring Customer Experience is Only the First Step — Act on What You Find

Gathering data is essential these days, gathering quantitative operational data (O-data) and qualitative experience data (X-Data™) — both can illuminate the customer experience. There are many ways to slice and dice the information for different pictures of the customer experience based on segments, demographics, touchpoints, and more. But I want to talk about an essential […]

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Manage Every Experience That Matters: Why X-Data Is the New Imperative

Last month, I had one of the world’s largest insurance companies in our office. 2016 was a banner year for them. They had record earnings and stable growth, their stock was at an all-time high, and shareholders were thrilled with the company. But despite their success, they told me, “Ryan, we know someone is coming […]

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