Yesterday, Indiana University of Pennsylvania released a news article stating they will use Qualtrics for their upcoming university student government elections.We love seeing specific uses of Qualtrics that push the boundaries of traditional surveys.

“I hope that the use of the Qualtrics for the election this year will simplify the voting process and encourage a high response rate of voting,” said Kate Linder, Associate Dean of Students and Adviser to the Student Government Association (SGA).

Qualtrics will provide students with an e-mail and a customized link, which will take them to the survey. Reaching out directly to students could return better results and a more representative student government. Linder was quoted in the article, saying she hoped [using Qualtrics] would prove to be easier for students that their process last year.

We wish Indiana University of Pennsylvania the best in their upcoming election process, and thank all our users for choosing Qualtrics.

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