We all have a purpose… we all have the deep desire to make a difference. Don’t we long for that to be a part of our everyday life? Maybe our job? Recently we did a study with our Qualtrics employees and found that this was a very common theme. As seen the word cloud pictured here… Family, Impact, Enjoy, and People are some of our top words used when our Qualtrics employees described their ‘why’.

Here’s just some of our employees’ comments about their ‘why’:

  • To learn about myself and discover who I am and where I would like to be. – Kevin T. Engineering
  • To make someone else’s day better – Sara G. – Sales
  • I’ve been blessed by the contributions of others and I need to contribute to this world – Matt C. – Engineering
  • To leave a world where ‘work’ or ‘job’ is a positive experience for my children and is part of WHO they are and what they were created to do. – Shaunda Z. – Biz Ops
  • To help people develop and see them achieve things they never thought possible! – Ian B. – Sales

To read more about employees and their specific stories as to ‘why’ Qualtrics check out our Qualtrics Life blog series. There are some amazing stories from some amazing employees that work at Qualtrics. Care to join us? Find how you fit and apply today!