The convention center in downtown Salt Lake City is quiet now. But starting March 6th, Utah’s biggest event center will be bursting at its not inconsiderable seams for four straight days. Experiences matter, and there’s one experience you can’t miss in 2018: X4 – The Experience Management Summit.

Imagine 6,000 market researchers, customer experience professionals, HR leaders, brand pros, and product experts all together in one place, all ready for the biggest experience management event anywhere. Get pumped.

What is X4?

X4 is more than a simple conference. It’s five conferences wrapped into one. Whether you manage customer experience, employee experience, product experience, brand experience, or research, it’s the perfect spot for anybody who needs to understand and improve an important experience for their organization.

Breakout sessions are available to all attendees regardless of your specialty. If you’re a CX expert, there will be dozens of top-tier sessions to choose from. But X4 is your chance to see how your skills as a market researcher, or a brand manager can cross over. It’s your chance to see how your skills make you more than a specialist. They make you an experience management leader.

For example, you’ll see how one of the world’s leading car brands is improving its customers’ experiences at the dealership not just through NPS tracking and surveys but by benchmarking employee experience and using employee engagement to drive a better brand experience. In this version of experience management CX + EX = BX. (Want to know which car company? Come to X4 to find out.)

Thousands of attendees in one place, asking the same questions you are. With hundreds of experts and thousands of peers, there’s a unique answer for you, and this is where you’ll find it.

Ready to learn more?

Why should you attend X4?

Learning. With over 100 breakout sessions, you’ve got choices. Perhaps you’re interested in how American Express gets its global call centers all synced on the same customer-first experience. Or perhaps you just need the latest product training to make sure you and your team are optimizing response rates. Maybe you want to learn how Coca Cola manages one of the world’s most diverse and distributed workforces. Or get a peek inside the New Balance product innovation process.

The only downside? It’s going to be hard to choose.

Inspiration. You enter the event center and down to the left is the massive keynote hall. Thousands of people stream by you, but you make it. You’re on the front row with New York Times bestselling authors, amazing athletes (Tony Hawk this year, and Michael Phelps keynoted last year), and stay tuned for some of the biggest names anywhere to be added in the next few weeks.

Excitement. Have you ever watched Tony Hawk skate on TV or caught the X Games finals with the massive halfpipe? Forget the TV, at X4 you’ll see it live. Or maybe you’ve watched Adam Levine on The Voice and imagined hearing him sing in person. Imagine no more, Adam will be fronting Maroon 5 at the X4 Warehouse Party.

Snow. Whether you want to do some winter shopping or shred the terrain park at Park City Mountain Resort, X4 attendees get the full snow experience as part of the show.

X4 Main Stage Speakers

In 2018, you’ll get main stage speakers that explore the fundamental nature of what drives experience.

  • Angela Duckworth, innovator and New York Times best-selling author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance expands on her groundbreaking theory of grit as the way to get ahead. SHARE THIS
  • Liz Wiseman, leadership guru and author of Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter explores how Multipliers get more done with fewer resources, develop and attract talent, and cultivate new ideas. SHARE THIS
  • And Harvard-lecturer and Oprah-approved author Shawn Achor, builds on his ideas in The Happiness Advantage to show how it’s actually happiness that fuels success, not the other way around. SHARE THIS
  • And Tony Hawk, skating revolutionary, celebrity, and cultural icon (who really doesn’t need his own link) will talk about how the sport’s experience will actually change lives. SHARE THIS

That’s just the main stage speakers. For music, the incredible multi-Grammy winning, Adam Levine-fronted Maroon 5, will rock, literally, the largest warehouse concert you’ve ever seen.

Check out all the speakers:

X4 Breakout Speakers

That’s just the main stage, and that’s just the start. Visit the X4 site to see our massive rollout of breakout sessions designed to help researchers, insights professionals, and experience managers learn from the world’s best. From American Express to Zillow, you’ll get how-to sessions from senior leaders at the world’s best experience brands. Amazing leaders like:

  • American Express – Luis Angel-Lalanne, VP Customer Listening
  • Buzzfeed – Ashmeed Ali, Head of Research and Brand
  • Coca-Cola – Brooke Orr, Global Director Talent Solutions
  • Citi – Carey Kolaja, Chief Product Officer
  • Harvard Business Publishing – Dennis Gullotti, Director Solutions Marketing
  • Porsche – Andrew Pine, VP Customer Relations
  • Salesforce – L. David Kingsley, SVP Global HR Strategy and Operations
  • Zillow – Corina Kolbe, Director of Learning and Development

The X4 Summit is a three-day masterclass and your chance to experience incredible keynotes, hands-on workshops, and to network with thought leaders, practitioners and executives.

Register today to secure your spot and ensure that you’re a part of the world’s largest experience management summit.

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