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Contact tracing in the workplace: How to get it right

Employee and customer safety is front of mind for many right now in order to reopen offices and workspaces. So how can you take action to keep them safe, and their personal data secure?

Get started with the Qualtrics Workforce Contact Tracing solution

It’s uncharted territory: how do we tackle the ambiguous process of safely returning our employees and customers back to onsite work?

Recent research from PwC, found that at least 22% of the U.S. Chief Financial Officers indicated their businesses planned to incorporate some form of contact tracing into their back-to-business plans.

Without widespread, immediate, or onsite testing, it’s critical that organizations have methods to identify those who have tested positive. As well as identifying those who’ve been exposed to COVID-19 within their workplaces.

One way of doing this is through contact tracing.

How does contact tracing work?

Contract tracing works by enabling organizations’ leaders, and COVID-19 task forces to pinpoint people who may have been exposed to the virus.

Contact tracing helps to alert others to begin the process of isolating those exposed or infected from others onsite at work.

What are the concerns over digital contact tracing?

Many individuals, governments, and organizations are divided about digital contact tracing – mainly because of worries over privacy and breaches in civil liberties.

“Organizations need a solution that helps keep employees physically safe from COVID-19 while also protecting privacy and employee data.”

What is self-reported contact tracing?

Self-reported contact tracing allows individuals who have been exposed to or tested positive for COVID-19 to complete a simple assessment, indicating:

  • Where they think they were exposed
  • When they think it happened
  • Who they were in contact with while working onsite

Making it easier to take action quickly

Once the assessment is completed, you’ll automatically receive a notification with this information. This means you can immediately take action to sanitize workspaces and isolate those who may have been exposed to COVID-19.

As well as this, organizations can choose to automatically direct the infected individual to stay home, or seek medical care while also automating alerts to those exposed, providing instructions and safety protocol to avoid infecting others.

What are the benefits of our Contract Tracing solution?

Our Contract Tracing solution is free-to-use, flexible, and highly configurable. And crucially, our XM Platform is GDPR, HIPAA, HITRUST, ISO 27001, and FedRamp compliant technology, which maintains the highest levels of security and privacy protection available.


Our Contact Tracing Solution allows you to:

  • Take immediate and direct action: responses can be connected to email, ticketing, or external systems
  • Adapt your survey based on local guidance: CDC in US, vs state guidance, vs other country based guidance
  • Reach ALL employees, not just those who are office-based: you’ll have the option to use multiple distributions to ensure you can reach all types of employees (office, factory, contractor)
  • Gather a long-term record of your peoples’ responses: Results are easily and quickly available
  • Catch hotspots in real-time: Your dashboards will show you trends and responses by location and other metadata so you can take action quickly to keep your employees safe
  • Get relevant data by location or by organization: NOT your EX organizational hierarchy
  • Receive an XM Directory participant database: where you can manage employee data, maintain a historical record of responses, maintain contact frequency rules

Want to find out more? Get started with the Qualtrics Workplace Contact Tracing solution