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XM Basecamp Live: The X4 experience you won’t want to miss

XM Basecamp Live is a day chocked full of practical hands-on training, courses to suit your needs, networking, best practice, and advice from XM experts.

Whether you’re just getting started on your XM journey or ready to take your program to the next level, the XM Basecamp Live add-on for X4 offers a full day of training, covering everything from designing your program to maturing it and mastering the Experience Management Platform™.

“Great content and the speakers were phenomenal! They were very engaging and provided great insights!”

2019 XM Basecamp Live attendee

What is XM Basecamp Live?

XM Basecamp Live includes a full day of hands-on training. Courses range from covering XM best practices to how to use Qualtrics technology. Build your perfect day by picking from 19 different courses to suit your needs.

“The whole thing was an awesome experience and exactly what I was hoping to gain! Industry and survey knowledge that I could bring back to work and apply to my program."

2019 XM Basecamp Live attendee

When is it?

XM Basecamp Live is happening from 9am-5pm on Tuesday 10, March before any of the Mainstage events so you won’t miss out on any of the keynotes.

“I learned a lot and also networked with folks who are experiencing the same issues. I can partner with them in the future, so we can help one another”

2019 XM Basecamp Live attendee

Who can attend?

Anyone who’s coming to X4! It’s a simple add-on to your X4 Pass.

Don’t worry if you’ve already purchased your X4 pass and would like to add XM Basecamp Live. You can do this easily by reaching out to x4summit@qualtrics.com

“I enjoyed how it was organized. We listened and then completed exercises to reinforce what we had just heard. That lets the info sink in for me.”

2019 XM Basecamp Live attendee

What will I get?

Loads! It’s a day chocked full of insights and actionable takeaways. But more specifically, you’ll get:

  • Interactive, hands-on training
  • Sessions to help you learn about the product and best practices
  • Qualtrics XM experts and XM Institute superstars
  • Real-life case studies from iconic brands that have used Qualtrics and XM to discover their breakthrough moments
  • Networking with invaluable contacts
  • Breakfast and lunch provided during the day
  • In the evening the world-famous X4 Warehouse Party will kick off with a selection of mouthwatering food trucks

”I really appreciate how they unpacked the content and made it relevant with real life examples.”

2019 XM Basecamp Live attendee

How do I choose the right course for me?

You can either pick and choose your courses from the schedule, or use this handy survey to help you discover which courses best fit your needs.

“Having an opportunity to be exposed to all the things I might not know about what the platform has to offer is invaluable.”

2019 XM Basecamp Live attendee

2020 XM Basecamp Live agenda

7am-9am: Registration & light breakfast for XM Basecamp attendees

9am-12noon: XM Basecamp Live (morning session)

12noon-2:00pm: Lunch & networking for XM Basecamp attendees

2pm-5pm: XM Basecamp Live (afternoon session)

7pm-9pm: X4 Warehouse Party

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