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29 must-see sessions at X4 2020

It’s the biggest Experience Management event on the planet, so you won’t be short of things to see. Check out our guide to the must-see sessions at this year’s X4 from the most inspirational stories to the thought leadership that will give you plenty to take back to your organization at the end of the event

You’ll find it all at X4 - stories from the brands using XM to deliver breakthrough results, thought leadership from the best in the business, and an inside look at the tech helping Experience Management professionals reach new heights in customer, product, brand, and employee experience.

As you plan out your days at X4, here’s a look at some of the sessions we recommend to help you come away from the event with all the inspiration and practical tips you need to take your XM program to new heights in 2020.

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Morning mainstage inspiration

World-class thought leadership

What’s new in XM

Get hands on with the technology

Take a deep dive into your industry

Hear from breakthrough brands

Morning mainstage inspiration

Each day at X4 kicks off with a morning of inspiration on mainstage. Wednesday sees the event kick off with Qualtrics CEO Ryan Smith, Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey, Co-founders of Magnolia Chip and Joanna Gaines, Co-founder and CEO of The Character Lab Angela Duckworth and of course former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

And that’s just day 1! Thursday will see Ryan Smith return to the mainstage, alongside talkshow legend Ellen Degeneres and renowned researcher and author of no fewer than 5 New York Times bestsellers, Brené Brown.

Take your XM program to a new level with world-class thought leadership

The greatest minds in XM will take to the XM Institute Theater every afternoon for a series of sessions that will help you mature your program, including:

The human experience cycle

Bruce Temkin, Director of the XM Institute
Whether its customers, employees, products, or brands, every experience is built around one thing — people. Join industry visionary Bruce Temkin to explore the Human Experience Cycle (HxC) and how it impacts every part of our lives.
13:30-13:50 // Weds, March 11 // XM Institute Theater

We’re all digital now

Juliana Holterhaus, XM Scientist
Restaurant, tire shop, or multinational retail chain – every business is a digital business now, not just the eCommerce giants. Join Juliana Holterhaus to explore 5 things any business can do to make digital a breakthrough experience.
16:00-16:20 // Weds, March 11// XM Institute Theater

Don’t measure. Do.

Leonie Brown, XM Scientist
Want to know if you’re doing badly? Or maybe just not as badly as your competitors? Or do you want to really deliver breakthrough experiences for your customers and employees? Then it’s time to take action. Find out how moving away from the metrics and towards a culture of action can help you become an XM master.
14:10-14:30 // Thurs, March 12 // XM Institute Theater

XM leadership - taking the whole company with you

Aimee Lucas, Principal XM Catalyst, XM Institute
When XM is truly embedded across an organization, you need a governance structure to manage it. Find out how to design a governance model that sets you up to ignite momentum and get the whole organization delivering XM breakthroughs
15:10-15:30 // Thurs, March 12 // XM Institute Theater

See what’s new in Experience Management

Take a look at the trends shaping customer, product, employee, and brand experience in our mainstage keynotes from the Qualtrics teams.

They’ll be taking to the mainstage in the afternoon to explore how the landscape is shifting in XM and show some of the innovations on the XM Platform that will change how you work in 2020.

  • Brand + Product Experience - 14:00 // Weds, March 11
  • Employee Experience - 16:00 // Weds, March 11
  • Customer Experience - 14:00 // Thurs, March 12
  • Experience Management - 16:00 // Thurs, March 12

Get hands-on with the tech enabling XM breakthroughs

When the morning mainstage sessions end, we’ll be opening the doors to the Growth Shop — your place to learn how to grow your XM program with Qualtrics.

There’s a rolling agenda each day of demonstrations and short classes covering everything from managing your XM deployment to getting to grips with the latest innovations on the XM Platform.

Here’re a few highlights from the Growth Shop:

Enable happier, more productive employees through great technology Experiences

Empower CIOs and IT decision-makers to optimize the employee experience by integrating the voice of employees in technology decisions.
13:40-14:00 // Weds, 11 March // Growth Shop

Frontline product feedback in action

Go beyond customer feedback and learn how incorporating the voice of frontline employees into your product development can help you develop breakthrough products
14:15-14:30 // Weds 11 March // Growth Shop

Optimize your digital content. Maximize your business impact.

Traditional metrics don’t cut it. Learn how Qualtrics can help you understand how to optimize your content to drive business outcomes.
14:30-14:50 // Weds, 11 March // Growth Shop

Turn employees into advocates and make the customer voice louder than ever

Your frontline employees know your customers better than anyone. Learn how to make the most of this by capturing and measuring customer feedback, so you can focus on what matters and take action.
15:30-15:50 // Weds, 11 March // Growth Shop

Access deep customer intelligence, at scale - no surveys required

Learn how to create a system of action by understanding your customers at the deepest level possible, uncovering insights that a single point CRM solution or master data platform could never provide
17:00-17:20 // Weds, 11 March // Growth Shop

Employee engagement in action

Empower every manager in your organization to improve employee engagement with real-time insights that show them exactly where to focus their efforts to increase employee performance.
13:00-13:15 // Thurs, 12 March // Growth Shop

Stats iQ: Uncover breakthrough insights from your data

Meet your in-house team of data scientists. Join us for a deep dive into Stats iQ and find out how you can use it to go from research data to breakthrough insights
13:30-16:00 // Thurs, 12 March // Growth Shop

Product optimizer

From the features to invest in to the pricing and packaging, see how Product Optimizer works and learn how you can use it to make sure your next launch is a breakthrough moment
14:45-15:00 // Thurs, 12 March // Growth Shop

Create an unmatched connected customer experience

The end of the one-size-fits-all approach to CX. See how delivering real-time, 1-to-1 personalized experiences across touchpoints can drive measurable benefits for your company.

16:00-16:20 // Thurs, 12 March // Growth Shop

Take an industry deep dive with the experts

Want to see how XM works in your industry? Every afternoon we’ll be hosting 45 minute deep dive sessions focusing on different industries. This is your chance to hear from our industry experts, meet others in your industry and get hands-on with the tech.

Here’s our full list of industry sessions - they’re all happening in the XM Atrium in the Growth Shop.

  • Healthcare — 13:00-13:45 // Weds, 11 March
  • Technology —14:00-14:45 // Weds, 11 March + 13:00-13:45 // Thurs, 12 March
  • Automotive —14:00-14:45 // Thurs, 12 March
  • Financial Services — 16:00-16:45 // Weds, 11 March + Thurs, 12 March
  • Government + Public Sector — 15:00-15:45 // Weds, 11 March
  • Education — 15:00-15:45 // Thurs, 11 March

Go behind the stories from breakthrough brands

Want to hear how some of the world’s biggest brands made their breakthroughs? Join our 45-minute sessions at 14:00 and 16:00 each day to go behind the breakthroughs with the people leading XM programs at some of the most successful companies in the world.

Here are a few must-see sessions for each day:

Thriving employees create high-performing companies

Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global
Supporting your people in the moments that matter isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the key driver of your business performance, growth, and success. Join Arianna Huffington to hear how her own career breakthroughs and the work her team does with Fortune 500 companies can help you prioritize the human experience and supercharge your business results.
15:00 // Weds, March 11

The challenger mindset

Brad Olson, SVP Member Experience, Peloton
Peloton changed the game by sweating the Member Experience to deliver breakthrough moments. Find out how it’s driven Peloton’s meteoric rise to disrupt the fitness industry.
16:00 // Weds, March 11

Using experience insights to stay in front

Ana Rocca, Head of US Research and Insights, Uber
The Uber platform facilitates countless experiences for riders and earners. Learn how data and insights drive everything from new product breakthroughs like Uber Comfort to driver loyalty programs to keep Uber ahead of the game.
16:00 // Weds, March 11

Driving change at every level

Julie Lodge-Jarrett, Chief Talent Officer, Ford
Building a world-class culture takes every leader at every level. Learn how the team at Ford is enabling leaders across the business to drive action and deliver breakthrough employee experiences.
14:00 // Thurs, March 12

The journey to customer obsession

Charles Cassar, Director of Digital Experience, Adidas
It started with digital experience, and ultimately changed the mindset of the entire company. See how Adidas' program grew into a company-wide customer obsession
16:00 // Thurs, March 12

Breaking through the noise in the streaming wars

Patrizio Spagnoletto, SVP Subscriber Growth, Hulu
Increased competition makes it harder than ever to cut through. See how breakthrough brand experiences are helping Hulu sustain its strong subscriber growth.
16:00 // Thurs, March 12

That’s just a taster of some of the sessions at X4 2020 — there are over 120 sessions to choose from over the 3 days of the event, you can find all the details in the full agenda.

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