Q&A with Leila El Awar, Director of New Products at Hyland’s

Hyland's Line Up

Hyland’s, Inc., a division of Standard Homeopathic Co., develops homeopathic medicines with the highest quality natural ingredients, following the strictest standards of preparation.

Why did you select Qualtrics Research Suite?
We have a small research team and a limited budget. We were using market research firms for a few big projects a year, but didn’t have a way to get quick insights to make consumer-focused decisions. I was even doing mini-focus groups by going to Starbuck’s and handing out $5 gift cards to talk to people. We chose to incorporate Qualtrics Research Suite so we could gather more data to better understand our consumers, and make more data-driven decisions.


How does Qualtrics have an impact on your overall business?
We are an extremely consumer-focused company and now we can validate many of our decisions with data. The consumer is boss—if they don’t like something, then we need to re-think our strategy. Qualtrics gives us confidence to make better decisions.


What specific data are you gathering from your customers?
We gather a lot of customer feedback to test packaging concepts and to guide our product development. We recently re-launched our 4kids line of products and wanted to make sure that the new packaging resonated with consumers, and that they could recognize these products as part of the same family. We have a limited budget for advertising, and treat our packaging as on-shelf advertising. We liked a packaging design option with zoo animals, but our consumers preferred packaging with a boy and a bear. Moms chose the boy and bear because it reminded them of their own child, and created an emotional connection. We don’t mind being proven wrong and we’ll always go with the voice of the customer when there is a clear preference.


How do you find the right target audiences?
We design our own surveys and we use Qualtrics Panels quite a bit. We’re a small team so it’s great to have a Qualtrics account manager that will find the right audience for our studies, monitor each project, manage quotas and get us results in a few days.


Do you ever get any surprising results?
We came up with the idea of a mobile app that would help make moms’ lives easier when they are sick, such as helping to find babysitters in the area, or to have soup delivered. We thought it was a great idea, but learned from quick research that moms don’t trust an app to find a babysitter and don’t even want to interact with their phones when they are sick. Qualtrics helps us focus our resources on the right projects that are important to our consumers, instead of designing ones that consumers don’t really want or need.


What are some of your favorite features in Qualtrics Research Suite?
It’s the wide variety of question types. We use a lot of matrix tables in our surveys where we’ll show an image of a product and ask consumers to rate it based on attributes such as perceived efficacy and purchase intent. We also use rank order questions to make it easy for consumers to drag and drop their selections. In some surveys, we used heat maps to ask consumers which products captured their attention on a shelf. It’s the closest way to simulate the consumer shopping experience and it helps us create packaging that stands out.


Can you quantify any benefits to date?
We estimate that we’ve reduced our research costs by 75%, including saving $15,000 on an annual brand awareness study. Our small research team conducted three times more research than in the previous year, and we can get results in days, rather than weeks. We’ve also been able to optimize our outsourcing budget with the ability to do more research in house.


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