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Digital Customer Service

KitchenAid improves speed of response, driving 85% growth in social engagement


Social media at KitchenAid, the highly respected countertop appliance brand, was originally intended to encourage consumer engagement. Over time, however, customers started using the company’s social media channels to convey technical support requests. KitchenAid wanted to implement a solution that would unify and improve social media management, accelerate speed and quality of responses to customers, and deliver customer insights.

In Clarabridge Engage, KitchenAid found a unified social media management and analytics solution. Clarabridge Engage provides social listening, assists in rapid social media engagement, and empowers teams across multiple departments. KitchenAid’s social care team, once an isolated entity, now operates in coordination with other departments, and dashboards provide information related to customer interactions and emerging trends in customer feedback. Clarabridge Engage is also providing KitchenAid with actionable insights related to product design, staffing needs, and global expansion.

Success highlights:

  • 85% growth in engagement across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • 90% increase in social media fan base, resulting in a 143% increase in social interactions
  • Greater insight into customer needs, which informs product design and product development
  • Access to data about customer feedback patterns to ensure adequate staffing of customer service representatives

With Clarabridge Engage we can be faster with our product development team and tell them ‘this is what the market needs’ or ‘consumers are looking for this’ and then go ahead and do it.

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