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Digital Customer Service

Sky Spain informs content planning with Customer Feedback



As a provider of live television and on-demand streaming, Sky Spain must operate as a content-driven entity to meet customer expectations and provide value in a competitive market. The company needed to identify drivers of purchasing decisions, pinpoint popular content, monitor customer conversations and make data-driven decisions regarding content offerings.


By offering seamless implementation, effective relationship management, and an authentic desire to propel Sky Spain’s success, Clarabridge is helping the company shape the future of its VoC programs. The platform allows Sky Spain to capture and integrate findings across core channels such as CRM, social media, and chat conversations, thereby allowing the company to track every mention of its brand while also supporting customer service capabilities. By identifying high-effort interactions within the customer journey, internal teams are empowered to implement targeted improvements that create more user-friendly experiences.

Success Highlights

Sky Spain strengthens VoC programs and informs content planning using customer feedback analytics:

  • Customer journey maps strengthen VoC programs by facilitating easy identification of problems and pain points.
  • Analysis of consumer content preferences is used to influence content negotiation efforts
  • Customers’ conversations can be compared with their actual behavior to inform strategies for resonating with the target audience
  • Insights into local consumer perspectives supported efforts of this UK-based company to enter into the Spanish market

Using Clarabridge Engage has allowed us to determine what we need to pick up from social channels in order to provide an effective service. We can be proactive with our customers, deliver help when it is needed, and maximise our value as a business function.

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