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Digital Customer Service

T-Mobile Netherlands cuts costs while improving the customer experience

T Mobile


As social media evolved into a channel for social care and an outlet for real-time feedback and engagement, T-Mobile Netherlands knew it was time to rethink its overall social strategy. Specifically, the Dutch mobile telecommunications company needed to form a high-performing and collaborative social media team with a consistent brand voice and to become more efficient with its social media engagement.


After building a new social team, T-Mobile Netherlands turned to Clarabridge Engage for social media management. With this solution, the company is able to more efficiently handle the growing volume of social data, engage in a more personalized way with customers in real time, track team performance, and build a staffing strategy and allocation plan. Clarabridge Engage has helped T-Mobile Netherlands to scale across the company and across social platforms as well as to break down silos so that the team can work more collaboratively and efficiently.

Success Highlights

  • A decrease in operational costs, including through one social care campaign that saved the company approximately $15,000 on calls into the call center
  • Improved response times
  • A more empathetic workforce dedicated to improving the customer experience

With Clarabridge Engage, T-Mobile can engage with customers in real time, enabling the social team to abide by its Service Level Agreement (SLA) of responding within an hour using both mobile and cloud-based software.

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