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Digital Customer Service

Brighton & Hove Buses steps up digital service during snowstorm crisis

Brighton & Hove

Brighton & Hove Buses, a bus services operator in southern England, receives a constant stream of questions and comments via social channels, email, and letters every day. Inquiry topics range from scheduling changes and bus delays to route updates and ticket refunds. Asking agents to manually monitor each individual social channel, along with multiple email accounts, was inefficient—especially when faced with disruptions such as weather events.

Following the arrival of a massive snowstorm in February 2018, the team at Brighton & Hove used Clarabridge to proactively disseminate information about schedule changes and monitor social interactions across channels. The use of a single, omni-channel platform gave the team control over all incoming feedback sources by allowing it to quickly archive unactionable comments and route actionable requests directly to agents. The weather-related event had the potential to make stressed-out customers very unhappy; however, the company’s timely and relevant responses helped mitigate the inconvenience of the situation and elicit genuine customer appreciation.

Success highlights:

  • Ability to analyze 1,500-1,800 emails and 2,000-3,000 social interactions per week
  • Improved customer experience, particularly during a disruptive weather event, by prioritizing urgent inquiries about bus services and quickly sending responses from directly within the platform
  • Elimination of the need for agents to manually type responses, thereby improving response rates and ensuring that every inquiry is addressed
  • Increased reputation of reliability and trust through timely and relevant communication with customers

[The weather crisis] has been a real test of the Clarabridge Engage platform, and I genuinely believe that had we not been using it, our social media responses would have been nowhere near where they’ve been. Clarabridge has been a godsend for us.

-Luke Taylor-Sales, Head of Customer Experience, Brighton & Hove Buses

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