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Digital Customer Service

Infrabel invests in specialized digital care to increase brand visibility

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Belgian railway infrastructure manager Infrabel began using Clarabridge Engage to determine how customers were using digital platforms to express their views of the company in 2012. The social media team soon discovered a great deal of confusion surrounding the brand’s function managing the railways but not the trains. As a result of this discovery, Infrabel saw an opportunity to proactively respond to customer concerns and made the decision to really invest in digital care.

In order to increase visibility and accessibility, Infrabel started using Twitter and messaging features such as Facebook Messenger across its platform, completely changing its workflow process once it began filtering these sources through Clarabridge Engage. By responding to customers from directly within Clarabridge Engage, Infrabel’s social media team dramatically improved response times from an average of two to eight hours to responding to 66% of inquiries within 30 minutes. As a relatively new initiative, the prioritization of response rates is already showing an increase in the team’s overall efficiency, which is on a trajectory for continued improvement.

Success highlights:

  • Improve response times from intermittently addressing inquiries and taking two to eight hours to do so to respond to 66% of inquiries within 30 minutes
  • Segment response rates during business hours to make metrics more accurate and more useful when compared to critical KPIs
  • Expanding to new digital channels such as Twitter and messaging while maintaining more traditional platforms such as email and web forms to account for the communication preferences of a diverse target audience
  • Manage two language communities and implement regional agent specialization to quickly address issues and provide tailored communication.

Clarabridge Engage allows me to have a French inbox while my colleague has a Dutch inbox, and that allows us to really stay focused on our field and language communities.

-Jean-Christophe Cailleau, Social Media Manager, Infrabel

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