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  • NatalyaG
    by NatalyaG in Custom Code | Most recent by TomG
    Answer Accepted NatalyaG

    Hi all, Do you know how to modify the inline email question, so when viewed on mobile, the choices are adjusted automatically, similar to how it happens in the…

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  • britain
    by britain in Custom Code | Most recent by AnthonyR
    Answer Accepted britain

    One of my researchers would like to use a basic Qualtrics stylesheet as a base for custom CSS for her project. Is this canonized anywhere or is her best bet to…

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  • lillianc
    by lillianc in Custom Code | Most recent by James
    Answer Accepted lillianc

    Hi all of you coders out there - I'm wondering whether any of you also have difficulties with the JavaScript editor font. Two related issues: first, the font…

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