How Qualtrcis stores Salesforce credentials

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How Qualtrcis stores Salesforce credentials

I have created two surveys at Qualtrics, one of them mapped to Salesforce Dev and other mapped to QA. But if I connect first survey to Dev, the other survey which mapped with QA, try to interact with Dev sandbox.

in short, althrough Q provides option to add different Salesforce user, but at a time only one user talks with Salesforce.

Any clarifcation how it stores the salesforce clarifications and it's working?


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    Hi Rajan. Are you working in Actions? If so, each credential should operate on its own without interfering with the others. In fact, I've done testing on one action in Sandbox with other actions in the same survey connected via Prod and it's behaved beautifully. If you are working in Actions and having difficulties, I'd reach out to Support.

    Alternatively, if you're connected through Tools, I'd suggest considering switching to Actions. It's a much more robust connection and I find it easier to manage.

    Hope that helps!

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