Linking Website User to Survey Session

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Linking Website User to Survey Session


I want users to be able to create/update/delete survey sessions through our website administration panel.

I am unable to use the create-session API call as the surveys contain many unsupported question types.

I've looked into creating responses and embedded data but neither seem to provide an obvious link between the user (on my portal) and the survey-session such that they could exit the session and pick up from where they left off (and perform CRUD operations mentioned above).

The route that looks the most promising is providing a personalised link. But the process of generating a personalised link for a user is not clear. From what I've read it looks like the following:

Issues with method:

  • I've not seen anything yet about directories and how to create them - required for mailing list request.
  • That process generates links for all in the mailing list and I want to create links on an individual basis - we have self-hosted criteria that we use to determine whether the user is eligible to take a survey. My concern is that if I ran that call I'd be wiping the session data for all other users & that because our user pool is so large, I'd have to use multiple calls to get each page of data to find the user I've just added to the mailing list and generated the link for.
  • Cumbersome

Any help would be much appreciated.


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