Reference Blocks in Qualtrics

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Reference Blocks in Qualtrics


I know that it is possible to import a reference survey into a survey in Qualtrics. Then, you must edit the survey in the library to affect the referenced surveys (you cannot make edits in the new survey itself). I have a few questions about this I wasn't able to find online

1) What happens to the original survey that was copied from? Do you have to re-add that survey as a reference survey once it is in the library? Do those questions get edited if there are edits made in the survey library?

2) I know it is also possible to edit blocks directly in the survey library (but not questions). Is there a way to import blocks into questions in away that editing them in the survey library affects all surveys which the blocks are referenced in. Or does editing a block in the survey library not affect any blocks in other projects. By this is mean, there is an "add reference survey" option in the survey flow, but no "add reference block option", yet you can still edit a block directly from the library.

Thank you!

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  • LaurenKLaurenK Seattle, WA, USACommunity Administrator Administrator
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    Hi @Shira! If you have not yet already, we'd recommend taking a look at this support page about Reference Surveys to help you get started. Any changes made to the survey questions in your library will also change the questions within any survey they’re referenced in. If you have any additional questions, we highly recommend reaching out to the Support team, as they are best equipped to assist!

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