Linking a second survey

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Linking a second survey


I am trying to direct my participants at the end of the survey to a second survey ONLY if they would like to provide their email address. I have linked up the second survey no problems but am having trouble stopping participants that select "no" also being sent automatically to second survey.

I tried skip logic on the last question but still directs both "yes" (go to next block) and "no" (go to end) to the 2nd survey as this is the last question.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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    In this case, you need to add branch logic in the survey flow at the very end of the survey flow. So if someone says yes show them the customize end of survey with redirect link else show them a default end of survey.

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    Thank you for the reply, I have added the redirect URL under survey termination. How do I set up another alternative default end of survey without this?

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    Just wondered if anyone could help? I am trying to turn off tracking of IP addresses on my survey.. how do I do this?



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