Response in Progress - Save partially answered questions

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Response in Progress - Save partially answered questions


For my survey, I have seven questions per page break. I have read a lot about responses in progress and partial completion through Qualtrics Support. But I looking at how some of my participants answered my survey and I think I am misunderstanding the response in progress or partial completion.

For example, one of my participants filled in the first three questions of the first page break and exited out of the survey. The participant did NOT click on the next arrow and just left the survey. I have the partial completion time frame to record responses from any partial completed survey within 24 hours. However, looking at the data, I see this participant's id but not his/her first three responses. It didn't save this participant's three responses, it is just blank.

Another example, another participant filled out the first set of questions from the first page break, then on the second set of questions of the second page break, this participant just answered two questions and exited out of the survey. With the same partial completion time frame that I set, I look back at the data and I see this participant's id and the first set of responses from the first page break but not the two responses from the second set of questions.

Does this mean that if I want to record every single response, I need to place page breaks on every single question, just in case future participants just exit out of the survey?

Thank you so much for reading this and your help!


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    A question response doesn't get recorded until the respondent clicks the Next button. That is when the data gets sent to the Qualtrics server. So, if you want each question recorded as answered then you need to have one question per page.

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