Data collection

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Data collection

I have an inquiry regarding the process of data collection of certain outcome measure. My study require the use of an outcome measure called 3- day bladder diary which will be filled for 3 consecutive days at the beginning of the study and another 3 consecutive days at the end of the study. Based on my short time experience in Qualtrics their is an option where the participant could download the word document to be filled and then the second link is to be provided afterwards to allow the participants to upload their filled diary. However, such process is very complicated with many separate links to be sent to participants. 

Do you recommend another feasible and accessible way to get the diary to be collected using the Qualtrics software? is their a special feature in the software to be utilised in order to keep the link repeatedly used throughout the 3 days?

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    Do you want people to submit a new survey response for every diary entry? If you are generating the links from an email distribution, you can set link type to "multiple completes" under advanced options. So respondents can keep going back to the same link.

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    Thanks a lot for your reply.

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