Send personal link after registration through an anonymous link

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Send personal link after registration through an anonymous link

For a project we wish to send out surveys to university students. First of all by using 'mass-mailing' in which a contact list with e-mail addresses from all students of 4 participating universities is fed through the Qualtrics Mailer (

After this initial round of e-mail invites (when the link has expired), we wish to provide supportive staff of the university the opportunity to refer students to our survey. The easiest way to do this, is by providing an anonymous link on our project's website. However, we wish to make use of the advantages of personal links (e.g. tracking progress, sending reminders etc.). Therefore, would there be a possibility to combine the two?

I was thinking about the following: we can place an anonymous link on our website to a survey asking about the respondents e-mail address. If the e-mail address matches one of the participating universities (e.g. [email protected] OR [email protected]); the respondent is send a e-mail to said address with an individual survey link from which the student can start the actual survey.

Would this be possible, and if so how can I work it out? If this is not possible, would there be any other means of 'transforming' an anonymous link to a personal one by some sort of authentification?

Thank you so much!

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Edit: I've just read up on the use of Authenticators ( This will work for a large part but still I want this functionality to use for students who are not yet in our contact list. So students can use the survey even if we missed them, as long as they have a valid university e-mail account.


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    Yes, you can use email distribution api, in the anonymous link survey that you will post on the website. This will automate the process of sending emails to students

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