Setting randomized data

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Setting randomized data

I've recently taken over responsibility for putting together the Qualtrics side of a survey which had been outsourced for the experiment's first iteration. I'm currently scrambling to learn the platform so this is all new to me. A big part of the experiment involves selecting a pair of randomized names. The survey flow of the first iteration includes a randomizer that selects one pair of names out of 540 options and sets it as embedded data. We want to test new names. I'm assuming there must be a way to import a list of names and generate new embedded data fields given how long this would otherwise take. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I haven't been able to get in touch with the guy who put the first iteration together to see how he did it and haven't had any luck finding an answer in the Qualtrics documentation yet. Thanks in advance!


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    A web service is probably the best solution because you could use a database of names.

    Another option would be put all the names in a JavaScript array or object and set embedded data fields from JavaScript.


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    Can you share the screenshot of survey flow, how it is implemented now?

    One of the possible solution, would be to create an external web service which will return a pair of randomized names, on calling it using qualtrics web service survey flow element.

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    This list goes on to include all 540 combinations of the names we are using.

    The web service element sounds like a much more elegant solution, but I'm still curious if there is a shortcut to generating a large number of embedded data elements like we currently have in this randomizer.

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    Thanks. I'll look into those as options.

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