How to prevent Duplicates? Ballot Box Stuffing?

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How to prevent Duplicates? Ballot Box Stuffing?


I would like to conduct a large survey among our customers.

In order to reach as many customers as possible, I would like to use different recruitment channels (newsletter, website, social media).


Since it can happen that one customer is contacted via several channels and I do not want that customers participate more than once (there will be a lottery at the enf), I need to detect duplicates. Through Qualtrics this is possible via "Ballot Box Stuffing".

Is it true that Ballot Box Stuffing only checks the browser cookies and not the IP address?

Are there any other possibilities to prevent duplicates? 

I don't see unique links as a possibility because of the different recruitment channels. 



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    Yes, prevent ballot box stuffing uses cookies. Duplicate IP addresses don't necessarily mean it is the same person. It could be different people accessing the Internet behind the same firewall (a company, university, etc.).

    If you have emails for all your customers, you could use an Authenticator using email address.

    If you want to limit by IP address you can use web services and an external database to record and check IP address.


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