Getting a 404 on a request to get survey responses

bkimupbkimup Community Member Qubie ✭

Getting a 404 on a request to get survey responses

I have a recently published survey and I'm trying to get its responses through a Python script. I took what's located on the following page and tweaked it for my usage:

The script works fine when getting a few other surveys' results, but throws a 404 error when trying to get results for the new survey. I made sure I had the correct survey ID as well. The metadata parameters (data center, api token, etc) are all fine since I can get other survey results.

Any idea as to why I'm getting a 404? I don't have any survey responses yet, could that be why?


  • bkimupbkimup Community Member Qubie ✭

    Got it resolved, looks like it was related to an api token that I had generated from another account.

    If I'm making most of these surveys, how should I set the access to these surveys so that anyone in my organization can retrieve them using their own api token?

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