Can I get a bar chart that summarizes my survey results by question?

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Can I get a bar chart that summarizes my survey results by question?

I have a survey with 10 questions. Each question offers the same 5 possible responses, ranging from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree". I'd like to see a simple bar chart where the x axis is the questions and the y axis is the average value of the responses (i.e., y axis would be numbered 1 through 5, where 5="strongly agree", and the chart value is the average of all responses for each question; each question on the x axis would have a value between 1 and 5). Does the platform provide that analysis?




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    Yes, the platform does provide this analysis through the use of bar charts in Report section as well as on the dashboards. Just keep adding the metrics (the metric would be Average / Mean), select the appropriate question. There would be no breakouts to add. The chart will show the questions on the x-axis and the average on the y axis. Please let me know if that helps or you need any further info.



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    Thanks for the follow-up Sachin. I'm new to Qualtrics and have no idea how to do what you describe. For example, what do you mean when you say "Just keep adding the metrics"? Can you possibly provide more detail on how to produce the chart?



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