How to make interactive graph?

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How to make interactive graph?

Hi all. I am working on a survey question which needs respondents to draw a graph. Specifically, there is a starting point on that graph, what respondents need to do is to pin their 'y (dependent variable)' at the given 'x (independent variable)' on that graph. Also, there is a line to pass all the point.

For example, the beginning y value is 10 at t=0, I want participants to point out the y-value at t=1, t=2, t=3...... Also, there needs a line to pass all the point. The above link is a sample graph I found on a website, which perfectly achived what I want. However, I know nothing about Javascript. Could anyone tell me how to do this graph on Qualtrics simply?

One more thing is I hope the number corresponding to the point can be recorded as I want to analyse it later.

Thanks for viewing and answering my quesiton.

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