Calculating an Overall Mean for different groups

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Calculating an Overall Mean for different groups

So I have a few questions. I have a survey that is given to different groups of people. There is a set of 10 likert scale questions, and each group will be getting slightly different sets of those 10 questions (i.e. one group gets 9, one group gets 4, etc.). So I have a lot of logic in there to show different questions to people based on what group they select they are in.

I figured out how to calculate the average by creating a field variable ((x+y+z)/4). However, the problem I'm having with that is that when people skip one of the questions, I think that it puts that in there as a 0 which messes up the average. Is there a better way to obtain that average?

So essentially, what I'm looking to do is to be able to create several different reports (one for each unique group with their particular questions). i.e.:

Group 1 (questions 1-9) overall average

Group 2 (questions 1-4) overall average

Group 3 (questions 1-4+10) overall average

What is the best way to accomplish this? Thank you!


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    This might be easiest to do in the survey flow depending on how you're organizing your groups there. In your example, under a branch for group 2, you can set an embedded data field equal to:


    For group 3, use the same field, but add QID10 and divide by 5 instead; for group 1, add all questions 1-9 and divide by 9.

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