Assigning randomised IDs to respondents

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Assigning randomised IDs to respondents


So I did exactly what I was asked not to do :

"Attention: It is extremely important you select Embedded Data! If you select Random Number instead, you will create a NEW random number that will not be saved with the response data!"

I missed this part and selected random number instead so now these random numbers haven't been saved with the response data.

Besides, not making the same mistake again is there any other way to damage control/somehow retrieve this information?

Thank you


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    edited June 2020

    But you have created a random number in survey flow and stored it in embedded data, right?

    Its just that the random number displayed to respondent was different then what it is stored in embedded data? And if this is the case, then we cannot retrieve the random id number that was displayed to the respondent.

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