Setting Logic

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Setting Logic

I am creating a project with a question letting user to select one day from Monday to Friday, then user needs to select ONE time slot among 4 choices in each day, only 3 quota for each day, and only one person for each time slot.

Once the quota is met for that particular day or time slot, the user will be brought back to previous page/question to select another day. (however, I am stuck with this stage as I don't know how to set logic for this instruction).

Can anyone help or advice on this?

Thank you very much.


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    We cannot use quota in this scenario, as quota gets updated after the survey is completed, So if two respondents are taking the survey simultaneously, then they can select same time slot of same day.

    In such cases, we need to create an external web service which will track the quota for each time slot for each day. Using survey flow web service, we need to call this external web service and show them respective available choices only.

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