Adobe Analytics fields not coming through correctly

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Adobe Analytics fields not coming through correctly

I'm trying to pass information from Adobe Analytics into my intercept as Embedded Data, but none of my Adobe fields seem to be coming through. I've included the Embedded Data on Site Intercept and on my survey. Is there a step that I'm missing?

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    What data are you trying to parse from Adobe Analytics to embedded data?

    Here is what I do

    1. Go to the survey which is being used by the Site Intercept
    2. Click on Survey Flow and make sure you have added embedded data from Site Intercept (Adobe). Make sure you use the EXACTLY spelling. E.g. "pagename"
    3. Go to your intercept and add embedded data on top right corner of the action set (ED icon). Add the field e.g. Adobe Analytics > Page name, set the name to be "pagename" exact same spelling as the embedded data name in the Survey Flow for the survey.


    I use Adobe DTM to control what we expose into EVARS and PROPS. However, I have experienced that sometime the refresh between DTM and Qualtrics code is not entirely synced, so I started to use Javascript as the embedded data in Site Interceipt, then using "DataLayer" to get the information. E.g. - gives me a value from Adobe Analytics directly from the datalayer without having to go through DTM first.

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