Deactivating trial version for student login

Deactivating trial version for student login


Is anyone able to deactivate my free trial account so that I can create a new account through my University?
Account is [email protected]

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  • EmilyEmily Seattle, WA Administrator
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    Hi @Aleksandra123gh! You will need to contact our support team in order to have your trial account deleted. Alternatively, the User Moves option may be of interest to you and we suggest you review the page here.


  • Rich_Boits_WalkerRich_Boits_Walker IndianapolisQualtrics Partner Sage ✭✭✭

    Hi @Aleksandra123gh
    My guess if I'm understanding you here, is that you are running into an issue to create an account because the Qualtrics system requires a unique login across the entire platform. In general the free trial accounts do not give access to user administration or you could change your current trial login to another username.

    If allowed you can request the Brand Admin at your University to setup your account under a username other than your email address. Username and Email are both setup when creating a new user so you will still receive notifications and such to your proper email address.

    That may not be possible under your University's policies and process. If they are unable to assist you in that direction you will need to contact Qualtrics support (here).

    The support team can also assist in transferring surveys and data from the trial account to your University account if needed.

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