Redirect and redirect back with two external pages

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Redirect and redirect back with two external pages

Hey guys,

I'm trying to link from the survey to one external page (, link that page to another one, and then back to the survey and preferrably to the next slide and not the one I started from. So far, I wouldve just opened and closed a new tab with JavaScript (just window open and window close, which works just fine), but that doesnt give me the option to use the continue button (And it therefore has to be an additional link). Unfortunately, so far, I have limited knowledge with customized solutions in Qualtrics, and the few forum posts didn't help yet.

Is there any easy way not to create an infinite loop, nor to have a seperate link that participants can just ignore? Or is there maybe an easy workaround that doesnt require passing the data via URI, even if it takes another route?

Trying to get my head around, sorry if I missed anything.

All the best already for your time and best wishes from Germany,


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