How to repeat blocks infinitely on the same page following a dropdown selection?

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How to repeat blocks infinitely on the same page following a dropdown selection?

Hi Qualtrics Community,

I'm hoping that someone will be able to support in the following scenario:

Survey last question is set up as a dropdown with "yes" or "no" options. If "yes" is selected, hoping to have the entire block of questions repeated again for end user to add another entry before submission.

Qualtrics support was able to provide guidance on survey flow, however the problem with survey flow is that the blocks end up on different pages. I would need the end user to review all of the information before submission so I will need all blocks they fill out to be on the same page. Another problem is that there is no option to have "infinite" amount of entries based on their dropdown selection. The end user will only be able to fill in as many entries as the number of blocks I've set up in the survey flow. See the tutorial for the set up from Qualtrics support here:

I wonder if there's a way to modify an existing code similar to the one on this article to support the development of what I'm trying to achieve:

Any thoughts / ideas is greatly appreciated.


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    @sunny15 , There is no infinite. You need to find finite from the infinite! may be 100? 1000? 10000?

    Then you can use the Loop and Merge concept. Put all the questions within the loop and merge and repeat that loop and Merge block for your "finite" no. Display logic can be added to all the questions: if No is not selected for "ANY" block. or even use a skip logic to skip out of the block.

    Show all loops on same page is not possible using loop and merge. If it is critical, then you need to create question as many times as you want, and use an "In Page" display logic to give dynamic feel..

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