Best visualizations for Sentiment/Topics/Emerging Trends

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Best visualizations for Sentiment/Topics/Emerging Trends

Hi all!

I'm struggling with how to "tell the story" using the existing text analytics widgets in Qualtrics to my executives. Bubble chart shows point in time, but not really a story. Showing a 0.5 increase in sentiment just doesn't get them excited. What visualizations / widgets have you built that WOWed your leaders?

What I'm looking to tell:

a) Here's what customers are talking about the most and how it's changing over time (most positive/negative).

b) Here's some emerging trends that we should take a look at. For instance, IVR keeps growing as percent of total and the sentiment is declining - maybe we should take this back to Operations to fix?

c) Anything else? I'm open to ideas! Feel free to reach out to me, I'd love to collaborate! [email protected]

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