Integration of operational 'O' data

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Integration of operational 'O' data

Can Qualtrics ingest operational 'O' data into the dashboard so one can provide a single dashboard view of company created operational metrics e.g. call wait time (as an example) as well as the experience 'X' data e.g. survey quant/qual?

We'd like to set up one single dashboard that combines our internal operational CX metrics with the survey data metrics. Otherwise we have to use Tableau to report our operational metrics captured/generated internally and Qualtrics for all the VoC data.

Thank you

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    Hi @Chrisflyer!

    A CX dashboard can handle multiple data sources at a time in order to report on any number of operational metrics. You'll only have to figure out how to map that O data into the dashboard, which may be best done by using the CSV Import process.

    We do also have an integration with Tableau in order to display Qualtrics data in Tableau. This may be even easier to set up, although it would likely require an add-on purchase to your existing license.

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